What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair Transplantation is a great solution to remedy baldness, which is especially common in men. We would like to explain in depth this process, which is the best option.

Baldness of varying intensity has a higher incidence in individuals up to 50 years of age. It affects our population in various ways and can spread to all age groups as the affected population tends to increase over the years.

Contribution of Technology in Hair Transplant Operations

We have come a long way considering the point reached in hair transplantation in line with today’s technology possibilities. Hair transplantation has replaced many methods that have been tried to cope with the problem of baldness for many years. Thanks to this application, people can have hair transplantation without feeling any pain.

Who Is Suitable For Hair Transplantation?

The procedure can be preferred by many people suffering from hair loss. Hair transplantation is the process of planting roots in parts that no longer have hair. This enables the hair follicles to grow back without the risk of being rejected as foreign material by the patient. Today, it is possible to regain the former hairline with the technology in the field of hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation should be done by expert teams. The transplantation process is painless since local anesthesia is applied, which eliminates sensitivity in the extraction and implantation area. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique, which is one of the most used and updated procedures, guarantees a natural result with better results as the follicular units are extracted and implanted one by one.

What Hair Transplantation Methods are available?

Several different hair transplant methods are available. The most well-known is the Fue technique. However, the final outcome of the transplant mainly depends on the quality of the follicular material, the equipment used and the degree of expertise of the professionals who perform it.

The person can watch TV, talk, use a mobile phone during the procedure. As long as the procedure is done by professionals and with appropriate equipment, it never leaves a trace. The results will be of high quality and the application will be done quickly.

How is hair transplantation done?

Hair transplantation is a very reliable procedure. In addition, if it is done with special equipment and the highest technology, there is no problem.

It might be necessary to determine whether the hair loss is normal. For example, it is important to control excessive hair loss. Since the possibility of excessive shedding is very high, a hair evaluation consultation is recommended.

What are the Advantages of Hair Transplantation?

The most well-known advantage is that it restores lost self-confidence. It has been proven a person undergoing major emotional stress can lose 11 times more hair compared to someone who is not stressed. This condition can be ambiguous in both men and women.

Hair bands can do a lot of damage, especially when they are made of a very hard and tough material. Therefore , silicone or fabric lining is preferred for hair clips. Otherwise, they can damage hair and make hair more prone to shedding by being crushed. Prolonged use of elastic bands or excessively aggressive hair brushing can also cause hair loss.

What is a Hair Root?

They are hair follicles located under the scalp. The person affected by hair loss can start to feel less attractive and more insecure. He can also experience loss of self-esteem as he avoids even the most basic social or professional relationships. Therefore, baldness has significant consequences on the life and health of those affected. It increases isolation and depression. Furthermore, the young population is currently affected by baldness and patients should be treated in a clinical setting.

What is Hair Structure and what types of Hair Structure are available?

There are various types of hair structures. The most common hair types are straight and wavy. When faced with problems of alopecia, it is best to have a medical professional’s evaluation who will make a diagnosis that will determine the treatment to follow. Treatment can range from topical products, hair treatments to hair transplants.

However, the most effective method for the definitive treatment of baldness is hair transplantation. It is vital to do a hair assessment to confirm the quality of the follicles and the scalp.

Of course, genetic inheritance plays a key role in hair loss. This process can be affected by external factors (stress, food, products or aggressive hairdressing techniques) that aggravate the situation. After the problem is resolved, the most effective solution is hair transplantation, which is the removal of healthy follicular units from the donor area and then transplanting them to the affected area.

Which Months are Suitable for Hair Transplantation?

Generally, spring and summer months are recommended. Genetics is another factor that can affect hair loss. Although there is no natural remedy for this problem, it can still be corrected.

The results of the procedure start to appear six months after the operation and become more noticeable every month. However, in most cases, it is possible to see visible results after three to four months, especially with complementary treatments.

How to choose a clinic for hair transplantation? Hair transplantation is a meticulous and very laborious process, hair transplantation requires a clinical team with advanced technical knowledge and experience, proven with numerous transplantations.

What is the Age Limit for Hair Transplantation

There is no age limit for the procedure. The results of this procedure can be conditioned if considerations such as the cost involved, the degree of experience and the technology used are overlooked.

Experts use high precision motorized equipment that generates the best possible results, as it manages to transplant more follicular units in half the time with its technology called Double Extraction Device.

What preparations are needed before hair graft surgery? Hair grafting is a small, minimally invasive surgical performed under local anesthesia. However, as in any surgical procedure, preparations must be made in advance so that everything goes smoothly. Although most commonly used medication does not affect the performance of the surgery, you should inform your doctor of any medication you take during the pre-operative stage of the hair graft, which usually starts two weeks before the surgery date.

When is the result of hair transplantation seen?

Results can be obtained in 3-4 months on average. The use of aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs should be interrupted at least one week before the procedure to prevent blood clotting problems after surgery. This is to prevent excessive bleeding during the operation, but your doctor will inform you according to your case.

How to Wash Hair after Hair Transplantation?

Hair should be washed by paying attention to the doctor’s recommendations. Avoid tobacco, alcohol and caffeine. It is strongly recommended to pay attention to the diet during the days before and after the procedure and exclude caffeine and soft drinks. Your specialist will tell you a few days in advance that they will advise you to quit alcohol and tobacco, at least 2-3 days for alcohol, ideally 8 days for tobacco.

It is best to follow your normal routine on the morning of the graft, avoid applying cosmetics to the hair hours before the day of surgery on the day of the procedure. It is also recommended that you do not cut or shave your hair, something your surgeon will discuss days in advance. The hair should be in the most natural state as possible.

With the FUE technique, you do not need to avoid eating. However, we recommend having a light breakfast. The dinner the day before should also not be too heavy and should be low-fat.

How Many Hours Does Hair Transplantation take and is it Comfortable?

It is a short and comfortable operation. Alcohol and tobacco are contraindicated in the post-hair transplant period. The reason for this contraindication is that alcoholic beverages affect our circulatory system, affect blood clotting. Similarly, alcohol can jeopardize the aftermath of the procedure as it dehydrates and directly affects the condition of the scalp. Elimination of harmful substances such as alcohol and tobacco will accelerate recovery.

Is Pain or Discomfort Felt During a Hair Transplant Operation?

No, the procedure is painless. Let’s not forget that if you smoke 15-20 cigarettes a day, the specialist doctor will recommend that we quit this habit at least one or two weeks before the procedure. Otherwise, there is a risk that the transplanted follicles will wither or not heal properly. Another complication closely related to smoking is necrosis at the transplant site due to vascular deterioration caused by smoking. This is a complication encountered not only in hair transplantation but in all skin interventions.

Do I need to quit alcohol and smoking before having a hair transplant? In case of bleeding, it is recommended to avoid alcohol consumption a few days before any surgical procedure to prevent complications. Although the procedure requires only local anesthesia, it is recommended to quit smoking at least one or two weeks before hair transplantation.

How Many Days Should I Allocate for the Hair Transplant procedure?

Sessions will vary from person to person. We recommend that you consult your doctor for the allocation of days. It should not be forgotten that the small incisions made in the donor area can cause bleeding in the transplanted follicles in the alopecia area.

When can I drink alcohol again after hair transplantation? The hair graft heals quickly and return to normal life is immediate.

How Many Years Does the Hair Transplant Last?

Transplanted hair stays with you for a long time. We recommend that you describe your regular alcohol and tobacco use honestly so that a correct recommendation can be made about when to stop drinking before surgery and when to start drinking again after surgery. The medical team will ask you questions about your habits when the diagnosis is made for the hair transplant process.

Comments of People Who Have Had Hair Transplantation

I was very satisfied with the hair transplant. I recommend wearing comfortable clothes before the procedure. This prevents the newly transplanted roots from being endangered and friction is avoided in the treated area. The comments of people who have had hair transplantation are as follows;

Specialist doctors, nurses, anesthetists answer all your questions about hair transplantation and guide you from the first consultation. It’s very reassuring.

I do not recommend it, as alcohol and tobacco can cause contraindications for hair transplantation.

I recommend maintaining healthy habits that keep our hair looking strong and healthy and contribute to an overall good physical condition.

Insomnia, stress and an unbalanced diet can have a major impact on the condition of our hair and scalp. Therefore, the use of alcohol and tobacco in hair transplantation is an issue that should always be reviewed. I suggest you be careful with these matters.

Hair Transplant Prices 2022

We recommend that you get up-to-date information by consulting your doctor. Alcohol and tobacco harm hair health. It is essential to always follow the instructions of the healthcare team when having a hair transplant. The elimination of alcohol and tobacco consumption is recommended during this process.

The successful outcome of a hair transplant undoubtedly depends on the skill and experience of the surgeon as well as the responsibility of the patient. We know that alcohol and tobacco are toxic substances that affect hair health. Therefore, the hair of individuals with these habits is of poorer quality, thinner, less elastic and gets less nutrients. Furthermore, tobacco can accelerate hair loss. You can contact us immediately to get information about Hair Transplant Prices 2022.

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